Did you know? We’re Social Media Rockstars

Last week, four of us from the Tribune attended the Social Media Rockstars conference at Jackpot Junction in Redwood Falls.

The event featured two keynote speakers, Jason Falls of CafePress and founder of Social Media Explorer, and Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing and author of “Optimize”, as well as six breakout speakers. The whole day was packed with excellent information, new ideas and lots of networking with social-savvy people.

My nametag! Photo credit: Heather Koffler, Twitter

At the Tribune, we work hard on our social media strategy (see earlier posts about this topic here and here). It’s always great to attend conferences like these to see what we’re already doing well and learn some new ideas for taking our strategy to the next level. Like most businesses, we’re trying to balance many different priorities, and we don’t have one person who can focus solely on our social media strategy. So we have to be a little more creative when it comes to time management and choosing where our resources can best be spent.

At times, this can be stressful. You know what I mean: You want to be doing more, but you don’t always have the time, or the knowledge. That’s why conferences like these are so beneficial. I always leave feeling invigorated and excited, with tons of new ideas for strategies and approaches. (Of course, putting them into practice is usually another story!)


These were a few of the major takeaways I had from the day:

  • Consider the six things social media can do: enhance brand; protect reputation; build community; enhance customer service; facilitate research/development; and drive sales or leads. Pick one, or all six, but always be thinking strategically. (Jason Falls)
  • “Great content isn’t really great until it gets found, consumed and shared.” (Lee Odden)
  • Social media won’t fix a broken product. Tap into those stories within your organization. (Lee Odden)
  • How to be successful on social media: Provide content, serve your customers, be consistent. (Jason Falls)
  • Google+ is the second largest social network after Facebook. Don’t be too quick to ignore it! (Adam Dince)
  • It takes six to seven “brand touches” for someone to even remember your brand. Make every touch count. (Mykl Roventine)
  • Follow the 80/20 rule: 80% of the time, share nonpromotional content. 20% of the time, promote your brands. (Mykl Roventine)
  • On social, your job is to share content that makes your followers say “holy smokes!” Always try to elicit that emotional response. (Jason Falls)

If any of you are interested, I took quite a few more notes during the event and I’d be happy to share them with you. Just email me at awhite@wctrib.com or find me on Twitter. You can also see what other people were saying about the event on Twitter or Facebook.

On a sidenote, the fact that we can have an event like this, with speakers of this caliber, in little ol’ Redwood Falls is a huge testament to this area and the drive and passion we have here. (And a BIG shout out to Sarah Kuglin and her team, who coordinated the entire event and did a phenomenal job!)

I already can’t wait to go again next year!

Do you enjoy going to these types of conferences? Why? What do you think you could be doing differently with your own social media strategy?

4 thoughts on “Did you know? We’re Social Media Rockstars

  1. Great blog post and summary! I always read great things like this online, but one thing I need to do better is stop and comment. Let people know I’ve been there. I’m rushed to get things done too, and we need to remember the relationships and connections are the most important.Sarah did an outstanding job of organizing this event, that is sure to grow!

    • Thanks, Beth! It was great to meet you at this awesome event! I can’t wait to see what Sarah and her team do for next year’s event. We are so lucky to have opportunities like this in the area!

  2. Great round up for the RockStar Event Ashley! It was awesome to finally meet you in person… Looking forward to Social Media Breakfast Central MN next month with you and Kevin talking about the West Central Tribune and social media!

    • Thanks, Jackie! I agree, it was SO great to finally meet in person! I will see you later this month — Kevin and I are really looking forward to it!

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