Wily coyote gets a stripe

Road crews don’t stop for dead coyotes.

I’ve written stories about county and state road construction and repair projects for nearly three decades.

But the tip I got Friday morning from Kandiyohi County Public Works Director Gary Danielson about a routine road maintenance project was a new one for me.

Looking at a photo taken by the county’s engineering specialist, Joe Steffen, it appears one of the county’s wily coyotes got in the way of progress.

“This is what happens when you’re not as fast as the paint truck,” wrote Steffen in an email he sent to Danielson.

Danielson forwarded the email to me, adding that the photo of the (I’m guessing, here) DEAD coyote with the paint stripe across his bushy tail, was taken on Kandiyohi County Road 1 at the intersection by County Road 29 in the northwestern part of the county, where there are a lot of coyotes roaming the hills.

“Our (low bid) paint contractor doesn’t get paid for stopping to remove coyotes,” wrote Danielson.